Crabtree Farm Primary School is a community in which behaviour is based upon mutual respect and consideration for others.  If children are poorly behaved at school they tend not to do as well as they might. Poor behaviour can also cause problems for other children because the teacher has to spend time dealing with poor behaviour, time which should be spent teaching all the children in the class.

Our behaviour code is based on a set of six rules which are explained to all children. 

The rules are as follows:

1. We use quiet voices and friendly words;

2. We look at and listen to who is speaking;

3. We put up our hands for attention and do not call out;

4. We do as we are asked first time;

5. We keep our hands and our feet and objects to our self;

6. We complete our work in the time given.

Good behaviour is rewarded with individual and whole class rewards. Poor behaviour is dealt with individually.

Each child has a series of warnings and consequences.  If a child is poorly behaved
he/she may be referred to the Head Teacher and a letter will be sent home. 

In extreme cases of poor behaviour a child will be excluded from school until there has been a meeting involving the parents, the teacher and the child to discuss ways of helping the child improve his/her behaviour.