March 29, 2018

We are very sad to announce that after eleven years at Crabtree Farm Primary, Mrs Bennett has decided to move on to pastures new. Mrs Bennett has played a huge part in the success of Crabtree and was a firm believer in giving our pupils opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise have been available to them. She raised thousands of pounds to

ensure that residential visits like London were open to everyone.

Both staff and pupils will miss Mrs Bennett and the corridors of Crabtree will be a lot quieter from now on.

March 27, 2018

The atmosphere in Year Four these last few days was electric when they visited West Burton B CCGT Power Station, which is run by EDF Energy, as part of their topic on electricity.

When our little bright sparks arrived at the Power Station they were met by the Visitor Centre co-ordinator Lyz.  Lyz informed our Year Fours about West Burton B CCGT and after a rather interesting talk it was time to get kitted out in the appropriate safety gear for a tour around the site.  If you were under 10 years old the safety gear consisted of: a hi-vis jacket, gloves, safety glasses and the obligatory hard hat. However, if you were the wrong side of 10 you found yourself sporting a bright orange boiler suit, safety shoes, safety glasses, gloves and the hard hat, much to the delight of the children. 

Buzzing with excitement, the children had a full tour of the plant (including the control room) and learnt that West Burton B CCGT is capable of generating enough electricity for approximately...

March 21, 2018

Today Year 4 took part in the Great Orchestra Experiment, which is organised by the Music Service. Both classes brought their guitars and took part in playing their instruments with lots of other children from other schools.

We got to hear how a whole orchestra plays songs together and take part in different singing activities too.

March 20, 2018

In Year 5 this term, we have all been lucky to attend Bulwell Academy Science sessions. During this session, the children became familiar with different parts of a microscope and then learnt how to use them correctly.

We then looked at different animal and plant cells trying to work out what they were.

March 9, 2018

Today some of our School Council went to the Council House to take part in Primary Parliament.  The theme for the session was Safe Lives, Positive Neighbourhoods and what makes a SMART City.

Throughout the day the children worked with their partners from Snape Wood Primary School to design and build their own safe, positive community!

This involved thinking about what materials they could use that were eco-friendly, how people would get to the shopping centre as well as how they could reduce the use of plastic bags to help the environment. The children thought about making the building self-sufficient and how reusable energy could make this a possibility. 

After they had finished their Shopping Centre, it was time to present their ideas to Councillor David Mellen and the rest of Primary Parliament.  Everyone did a fantastic job and managed to answer some tricky questions from the other parliamentarians.

March 2, 2018

You will obviously be aware that for the last two days we have had to close the school due to severe weather conditions.  This decision wasn’t made lightly and we are sure you will agree that the safety of our children and staff is our top priority.  

We hope to be to open on Monday 5th March, but in the meantime enjoy the snow and stay safe.  



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