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We are fortunate here at Crabtree Farm Primary School to have a diverse team of people, both teaching and

non-teaching, who work tirelessly encouraging a spirit of creativity and independent learning throughout our school.

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The school is visited regularly by a School Nurse who helps children with any medical problems that may arise. She also undertakes the routine medical check-ups of children new to the school. Parents can talk to the Nurse about any medical worries that they may have. She is usually in school once a week.  Just contact the school office to let us know that you would like to speak to her.

We are also visited by the Educational Welfare Officer, on a regular basis.  She deals with any welfare or attendance problems. We believe that it is important for your child to be at school so he/she can benefit from the educational opportunities at the school. The Education Welfare Officer will be notified of every child who is absent from school without permission, even if it is only for half a day.