Bio Dome

One of the things we are most proud of here at Crabtree Farm Primary School is our dedication to providing our pupils with the life skills to equip them for the future.  Our BioDome will allow us to teach the children about sustainability, renewable energy, healthy eating and growing and maintaining food crops.  In addition, it brings to life core subjects and links to the Science and Numeracy curriculum. 

What is a BioDome?

A BioDome is a climate controlled greenhouse.  It's design is superior compared to poly-tunnels or traditional greenhouses because it is a circular shape made from lots of individual triangles.  When added together these triangles are very strong and can withstand winds far higher than its traditional counterparts.

Its self regulating windows mean that it will control its own temperature, opening when too warm and closing when too cold.  This feature means plants will have a much more stable environment and are less susceptible to frost or overheating.

What will we grow inside our BioDome?

There are 19 raised beds inside the dome and each class will have a bed of their own to grow any plant(s) of their choice.  


Below are photographs of just some of the things we are growing.