• Crabtree Farm

Parliament Education Workshops

On the 22nd of February, Crabtree Farm were pleased to welcome Dianne Hedditch from the Parliament Education Service. Dianne delivered a whole school assembly introducing the idea of parliament (decision making and the people involved) and then led two workshops throughout the morning to a range of pupils to develop their knowledge on law making and understanding debate. Over 100 children were directly involved in the workshops. Every single child benefited hugely from these sessions and were left buzzing with excitement about how they one day could be helping to shape laws in our country and were beginning to share ideas about how they could support decision making and choices in our school. Dianne shared knowledge about our democratic system and was pleased to know that so many children in our school already knew who their local MP is (Graham Allen Nottingham North).

​We would love to continue having debates and discussions about important decisions in our school and local community. Do you have any ideas about how our school might run in the future? Do you have any feedback about the sessions this morning?