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Year Four's London Residential

Today you may see some tired children and staff around school after their three day residential in London came to an end yesterday. The children had a great time in our capital city and many parents told us on our official twitter feed how their children couldn't stop talking about what a fantastic time they had, had visiting the many sights around the city. It was an action packed programme that started on Monday at The Shard and finished on Wednesday with a cruise along the River Thames. During our visit we even used the famous London Underground during morning rush hour which was a quite a challenging experience for most of us. We are delighted to say we received an email from a lady called Annie who we met on the tube as she made her way to work. Evening... On my way to work this morning, I met a class of your children and their

teachers stuffed into a packed tube heading to the house of parliament. The children informed me that they were taking the tube due to the bus not starting and I imagine this was only one of the many struggles this trip faced with the recent attack at Westminster. I wanted to drop you a line to say well done for carrying on! Your children and teachers were doing your school proud. Best regards, Annie This made both the staff and pupils feel very proud of our school and put a smile on some very tired faces. We'd like to thank all the people and organisations who made our trip the enjoyable experience that it was and the staff are already talking about next years visit!