• Crabtree Farm

Primary Parliament

The day’s focus was Opportunity Notts along with letting all the schools in Nottigham City know that there is a very unique exhibition at Wollaton Hall over the summer months. Today, we got to make some dino-sock puppets and performed a short puppet show to persuade people to get up and be more active. We also met Hunter who was a Sin Raptor (from China). ​A little later on, we went to Nottingham Castle to look at unusual natural things and to look closely in microscopes at some of the things we found. We listened to natural and man-made noises and learned about some of the landmarks around Nottingham that we could see. In the afternoon, we had the chance to share our ideas on a greener Nottingham to Councillor Sam Webster who works for the Nottingham City Council. He is in charge of Business Development and Education for the City and was interested to find out about some of our ideas: trees, open spaces and making some built up areas more environmentally friendly. For fun, we were also allowed to pose a question as though we were talking to the Prime Minister (Theresa May) and then , as a role reversal, we also were given the chance to pretend that we were the Prime Minister and share with the group our ideas for policies. We look forward to Primary Parliament next year.