• Crabtree Farm

New Gate Procedure

Dear Parents/Those with Parental Responsibility,

I am writing to inform you that we are to test a new procedure for security and to safeguard your child. For a trial period, the pedestrian gate near Early Years will remain locked in the mornings, but open at the end of the school day. Entrance to the school will be via the main gate only. This will start from Monday 30th April.

This will initially cause some disruption but I hope you will support the school with this. The classroom doors are open at 8:50am for children to enter and the doors close at 9:00am. Teachers will be outside to monitor families running late.

Please make sure the area around the side gate near Class 12 is kept clear as this can cause congestion and possible health and safety risks to the children. My only concern is for the children’s welfare.

Yours sincerely

Katie Pritchard

Head Teacher