• Crabtree Farm

Well Done Crabtree!

We all like to be told when we do something well, and the staff here at Crabtree Farm Primary School are no different, so when we received this email from someone who visits school regularly we all felt very proud of ourselves and our school. "I just wanted to email you and let you know how amazing I found the events at the school on Tuesday the 3rd of July. I was there for almost all of ‘Crabtree’s Got Talent’ and I thought it was amazing! The opportunity given to the children that wouldn’t feel as confident in other circumstances to come out of their shell and perform in front of all the school was incredible. Also the carnival and the fair looked great as well. I just think Crabtree is an amazing school and the things you do with the children that attend are fantastic. All credit to you".

Reading messages like this makes all the work we put into extra curricular activities worthwhile and we feel it is important to thank the sender for bringing a smile to all our faces.