• Crabtree Farm

Pupils vs Teachers

Some people will try and tell you that the biggest football event this year was the World Cup in Russia, this is in fact fake news! 2018's biggest football event was obviously Crabtree Farm's Pupils vs Teachers game which took place last night on our school field.

Eight brave teachers requested permission from their person with parental responsibility and arrived dressed in their freshly washed football kits to face the formidable Crabtree Farm Pupils in a winner takes all match.

The game started quite rapidly with Edis, Ward, Harper, Provines, Jones, Kiggins, Calton and White appearing to have turned up hoping to take part in a knobbly knees competition rather than a key game of football. The first goal went to the teachers as Kiggins fired home a brilliant shot in the left corner of the opposing goal. By half time the teachers were leading 3-1 thanks to the fancy footwork of Jones.

When the 2nd half began the pupils came out fighting and were soon leading 3-4 thanks to their sheer determination to stop the grownups from having it all their own way. At the end of an enthralling 90 minutes, the tired teachers had just managed to hold the energetic pupils to a 4-4 draw and then retired back to the staff room for a good rest!

Both sets of players demonstrated the sportsmanship that Crabtree is known for and we hope this is the start of an annual event here at school.