• Crabtree Farm

Red Nose Day Fun

Today the children and staff at Crabtree Farm got behind the Red Nose Day Conk Jester and raised a lot of money for Comic Relief. The fundraising frenzy kicked off very early this morning at Breakfast Club where Minnie Mouse, a few scientists and the odd pirate were spotted tucking into a slice of toast! For one day only the school uniform was abandoned in favour of fancy dress costumes and we would like to say a massive thank you to the grownups out there who must have worked tirelessly on the fantastic costumes that were on display today.

We haven’t finished the count yet, but so far together we have managed to raise an amazing £800 pounds for this fantastic cause and we couldn’t have achieved this without the support of all of you. You should all be very proud of the difference your donations will make to the lives of people both in the UK and worldwide.

Well done Crabtree!