• Crabtree Farm

Contactless Payment

From Tuesday 1st September the school will not be taking any more cash payments. This is due to the current pandemic and the risks to staff, parents and children from handling cash. It is also the way forward for the school. The system is secure and is compliant with GDPR regulations.

All trips, dinners, sales, charity, uniform and potentially breakfast club will all have to be paid through the app. Consent for trips will also be taken this way, saving paper.

The school will also be adopting an electronic booking system for Parents evenings which will confirm your appointments via email. This will reduce missed appointments and again save paper. Other benefits include direct links to our website and Twitter feeds, newsletters and other information – all in one place, wherever you are!

Parents will need to download the Schoolcomms app to a phone or onto a computer and set up an email address and bank details. This will enable school to locate your payments and you will have a record of all transactions. A link with instructions will be sent via text.

Please email admin@crabtreefarm.nottingham.sch.uk stating who your children are and your preferred email address. I need this by Monday 20th July.

There may be some initial teething issues and if so, we ask that you work with us and persevere until we get it right.

I thank you in advance for your cooperation in helping the school keep risks low and joining us on this journey!

Yours sincerely

Lorna Haskey

Acting Head Teacher