• Crabtree Farm

Nottingham Forest PL Kicks Programme

Our friends at Nottingham Forest have re-launched their PL Kicks programme for 8-16 year olds over the summer and all sessions are COVID-Safe, following all relevant government guidelines, social distancing measures along with regular cleaning of any equipment used throughout the session.

These sessions take place on/at:

Monday - Bulwell Tesco:

  • Foot Golf 6pm-6:45pm

  • Foot Tennis - 7pm-7:45pm

  • Football Skills and Fitness - 7pm-7:45pm

Wednesday - Valley Road:

  • Foot Tennis - 6pm-6:45pm/7pm-7:45pm

  • Football Skills and Fitness - 6pm-6:45pm - 7pm:7:45pm

Thursday - Stockhill Park:

  • Foot Golf - 4pm-4:45pm/5pm-5:45pm/6pm-6:45pm

  • Football Skills and Fitness - 7pm-7:45pm

Friday - Brendon Lawrence:

  • Foot Golf - 4pm-4:45pm

  • Foot Tennis - 5pm-5:45pm/6pm-6:45pm/7pm-7:45pm

  • Football Skills and Fitness - 6pm-6:45pm/7pm-7:45pm

If you are interested in your child taking part then you can sign up here.