• Crabtree Farm

Y5 Swimming

Please note that your child’s class will now be swimming twice a week on the days given below in the table.

Swimming starts on Monday 2nd November 2020

Children are not allowed to wear earrings for swimming.

Please note boys must wear swimming trunks, not baggy swim shorts. Girls must not wear two-piece swimming costumes.

Swimming is part of the curriculum and every child must take part. Due to Covid restrictions, children will need to come to school on their swimming days ‘beach ready’. This means that they must have their swimming kit under their school uniform and bring a bag containing their towel and underwear. Please ensure that the bag is big enough to store their school clothing while they swim.

Please be informed that if the swimming time finishes at 3pm, the children will not return to school until around 3:30pm. To make the changing process quicker, it is advised that girls wear trousers rather than skirts and tights.