• Crabtree Farm



Dear Parent/Carer,

On Monday 30th November, Year 4 will be visited by Partake Theatre Company. The day will include workshops for the children about the Egyptians, which we will be learning about next half term.

The children will be given the opportunity to;

· investigate Egyptian artefacts used in mummification,

· discover the clothing and makeup of an Egyptian princess,

· see what traditional Egyptian costumes looked like.

It will be a fun day for the children and will consolidate their knowledge about the topic.

Partake Theatre Company are taking lots of steps to ensure the safety of all children during these current circumstances. This includes staying 2 metres away from children at all times, disinfecting and isolating any equipment for 48 hours before bringing it into our school and isolating from school staff at break and lunch times.

The cost for this day is £9.20, which is being subsidised by school. The cost for your child to participate is £5. Please use the School Gateway app to pay your £5 contribution by Friday 27th November. By paying the £5 contribution, this confirms your consent for your child to participate. If there are not enough contributions, then the experience may be cancelled.

Yours sincerely,

The Year 4 Team