Who can I talk to when I'm worried about my safety?


There are lots of people in school that you can trust. Our school has a safeguarding team who are trained to help you.

Miss Ratcliffe, Miss Haskey, Mrs Round and Mrs Senior are all part of the safeguarding team in main school.

Mrs Round and Miss Walton are part of the safeguarding team in foundation. However, all of the teachers and teaching assistants know who to help you find.

Outside of school, you could also speak to the police and your nurse or doctor.
The school council has been trained to help other pupils who are feeling unsafe and can show you where you need to go, to find the members of the safeguarding team.

What is safeguarding?


Being safe includes: 

Eating properly and getting enough sleep and rest.
Having the right clothes and shoes to wear and being clean (washing your body and teeth brushing).
Not being scared or frightened about being hurt by another person ( this might be by hurting your body or by hurting your feelings all of the time).
Having a home that is secure and keeps me warm and safe with my family.
Therefore, safeguarding is making sure that all pupils can experience all of these things.

What will a teacher or member of staff do if I tell them I do not feel safe?

If you need to tell a teacher or a member of the safeguarding team that you think you are at risk or in danger, here is what they will do.

  • Take you seriously

  • Make notes about what you are saying.

  • Make sure you know they are going to talk to the safeguarding team about what you have shared if they need to.

  • They will not talk to other pupils about you.

  • If you have told your teacher about another adult (you feel is not safe), they will not talk to that adult and tell them what you have said. They will keep your confidentiality.

Every child has the right to be safe and it is the job of the staff in the school to make sure that you and every other child at Crabtree Farm is protected from any possible harm and danger. We are here to guard your safety!
There are lots of different ways that we do this. Here are some of the things we do to make sure you are protected in and around school:

  • We check that all visitors and staff, who come to the school, are not going to say or do the wrong things in school.

  • We make sure that you know how to be careful on the internet.

  • We have meetings to share information about pupils so that we all understand your needs.

  • We make time to listen to you so that you feel valued and happy in our school.

  • We train our staff to recognize signs when a child may be at risk of harm or may be in danger.

  • We give you knowledge about how to look after yourself by eating and sleeping properly so that you can learn your best when you are in school.

  • We show you positive attention and teach you self respect so that you can learn to expect others will treat you the same.

(Our school follows instructions from the Department for Education - Keeping Children Safe in Education)

How can I keep others safe?


If you are worried that your friend or family member may be at risk of harm (being hurt or might get hurt), you can tell them about our safeguarding team and show them where to find them. Our safeguarding team work all the way through school but the office staff at the main reception can help you find any of the team.
Remember, it is not your job to try and solve your friend’s problem and you should never try and talk to the people who are causing your friend harm. You must keep yourself safe at all times.
If a friend tells you about feeling unsafe, you must never talk to other friends about it. This is breaking their confidentiality and will stop them from trusting you again. It would be ok if you talked to a teacher about your friend and would be even better if you could help your friend go to the teacher themselves.
There are many different ways to keep yourself safe. Take the time to look at some of our posters ( which are on the display board in the top hall) and find which things you might get better at to keep your self protected and guarded at all times.