Welcome to our Year Six Homepage.

Pupils - Please remember  to check with an adult before you use any of the websites.

Parents/Carers - All websites are ones we use regularly in school and have been checked by a teacher but we always recommend adult supervision when a child uses the internet. 

In Year 6, we use a number of websites , apps and online programs to help pupils build their skills in both maths and English.  Most of the websites suggested do not require a log in and you don’t have to download them.  Pupils have been given their log in details for both ‘Read Theory’ and ‘Mathletics’ and can build up points and earn rewards in school for practising on these at home. 


All of the websites provided are used regularly in school and are really easy to navigate around and can be lots of fun! This is just one way that our pupils can gain that extra bit of practise in preparation for the end of key stage assessments.  They will build in confidence, fluency and accuracy as they go.


Why don’t you give it a go yourself?