Over the last year, the School Council have been involved in a project to help improve the local area of Crabtree Farm.

This year, the children have inspected the area and reported a number of concerns and issues to the Nottingham City Homes organisation with the view of these issues being resolved. 

Crabtree School is working in conjunction with Nottingham City Homes to develop this scheme, which aims to increase the awareness and improve street safety and appearance. If you would like to report street problems / issues you will need to get an adult to register on Nottingham City Council's website by clicking here.  

Alternatively, any parent or child can collect one of the reporting forms from the school to complete. On completion, the form can be handed back to Miss Harper  so that the upper school members of the School Council can input the problem for you. The members have been trained how to input the problem with support from staff from our school.

We hope that by having this link on our website and the facility to report a problem to the school more people, in the local area of Crabtree, feel confident to report a problem they have in their neighbourhood.

Caring for and respecting our environment in this way will encourage our children to value their own homes and neighbourhoods in the future. Furthermore, it will build brighter and safer communities for people to enjoy.

Thank you for supporting the Young Inspector’s scheme. We hope that you find it useful and informative. If you require any additional information about the scheme, please do not hesitate to contact the school and discuss this matter with the staff that support the School Council (Miss Harper).