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Music Extravaganza

At Crabtree, we are extremely proud that every child is given the opportunity to play an instrument, starting with the acoustic guitar in Year 4. Once guitar lessons are finished in Year 4, some children choose to continue playing the guitar or pick up another instrument in one of our mastery groups. Our mastery groups (recorders, keyboards, acoustic guitars and electric guitars) are available to years 3, 4, 5 and 6 and they work with our music teacher, Mr Hull, once a week to learn to play their instrument.

To showcase the amazing progress that our mastery groups have made this year, we held our first ever 'Music Extravaganza' on Thursday 21st July. During the event, we saw the choir and our mastery music groups performing to the whole school and parents. We are all extremely proud of the progress that they have made this year and we can't wait to see which children will join our mastery groups next academic year.


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