Science Lesson at Bulwell Academy


Our School Aims


Education must nourish the diverse talents of our children. It must widen their horizons; develop their appetite for learning and enable them to live life to the full. It must foster intellectual, physical, cultural, moral and spiritual development and help children develop the values that will guide them through difficult decisions they will inevitably have to make in adult life.

We believe the children at Crabtree Farm should: 

  • Have full access to a broad and balanced curriculum;

  • Use language and numbers effectively;

  • Be fluent readers;

  • Develop enquiring minds;

  • Think rationally and independently;

  • Develop appropriate moral values;

  • Respect individuals and value differences;

  • Co-operate with others;

  • Exercise self control;

  • Be free from bullying, in any form; Understand their own value and the role they can play in society.

  • We aim for all our children to reach their full potential, valuing themselves and others, acquiring the knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to leading a full and active adult life, enabling them to play their part in a fast changing world.