We are very proud of our school uniform at Crabtree Farm Primary and we require all pupils to wear it. Sweatshirts, Cardigans and Polo Shirts are for sale in the school office at reasonable prices and our Parents Group hold a nearly-new uniform sale several times throughout the year. 

We recommend all items of uniform are clearly and permanently marked with the owner's name so any 'lost' uniform is easily returned.

Our School Uniform consists of;

Blue Jumper 1.png



White T Shirt.png

White Polo Shirt


Blue T Shirt].png

Blue Polo Shirt


  • dark grey/black trousers (no joggers)

  • navy/grey skirt or pinafore dress

  • white shirt, blouse or t. shirt

  • navy blue jumper or cardigan

  • navy or white polo shirt

  • blue & white checked dress in the summer

  • black shoes (no trainers)

Because some items are made to order we are not able to sell them via the office but they can be ordered. 


These items are;

Fleece Jackets  £11.50

Shower Proof Fleece Jacket £14.95

Alternatively you can order our uniform online from www.just-schoolwear.co.uk

Our School Uniform



£9.50 (Order only)

book bag.png

Book Bags