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Our School Representatives

Aspen House Points Total

Spring 2 Half Term


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At Crabtree Farm we greatly value the opinions and contributions of all members of our community, but particularly out pupils.  Our representatives are champions for the areas they represent and work with children and staff across school in various capacities, depending on their role. 

Head and Deputy Pupils


In Year 6 the two councillors from each class are the head and deputy pupils for the school.


School Council


From Year One to Year Six there is one school councillor per class, in Year Six each class also has a deputy school councillor. 

The School Council meet a few times each half term to discuss different subjects relating to the school and how they can be involved with the local area. 

Each class has a school council book. The class council representative uses this to write down the class's suggestions, which are shared at the school council meetings and notes from the meetings are recorded, to feed back to the class. This ensures that their fellow pupils are informed about what they are discussing, and all pupils can have an input.  

The children on the School Council also take part in Primary Parliament, which happens three times a year. The councillors go to the Council House in Nottingham City and work with other schools to address issues about Nottingham. 

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House Point System


Crabtree Farm Primary School operates a house system.


Every child in school is given one of four houses to support.  Houses are essential as they create community spirit and give the children an opportunity to contribute to something bigger that involves children from all year groups.

Our houses are Aspen, Elder, Maple and Willow.  Each house is represented by their House Captains.

The children can collect house points for a range of reasons such as following the school rules, completing a good piece of work, helping others, contributing towards the school and lots of other reasons.  

House Point Awards

25 point = certificate
50 points = certificate
75 points = certificate and bronze star badge
100 points = certificate and silver star badge
125 points = certificate and gold star badge
150 points = certificate and platinum award

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Other Representatives

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STEM Ambassadors

Eco Warriors

Art Ambassadors

STEM Ambassadors

Sports Leaders

Peers Supporters

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