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Maths Intent Vision

Our children will be enthusiastic and confident when talking about and using number. They will have a firm grasp of the fundamental principles of mathematics and be able to use these and apply them in varied, real-life scenarios. We want to nurture curious children who see maths as an exciting, creative subject which can open the door to a world of opportunities. 

Maths Curriculum at Crabtree Farm

At Crabtree Farm we support our teaching of the National Curriculum for Mathematics, through the use of the White Rose Maths scheme. The pace and progression is followed within the scheme, alongside some of the supporting resources; however this is adapted to the needs and development of the children across school. Have a look at the two progression documents, which detail what the children learn in each year group and how they develop their skills and knowledge during their time in primary school. Have a look to see what your child is learning in maths!

Maths at Crabtree Farm

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